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Originally from South Africa, Muslims the Essop family were unhappy at the lack of availability in the New Zealand market for high-quality Halal produce. Deciding to pursue their ambition to provide Halal meats of the highest quality to their local community, Ahmed & Salma Essop with the help of their Sons established their family owned and operated butchery in 2006. Aptly named Continental Meats, their ability to cater to customers of all nationalities has been paramount to their success.
Continental Meats & Spices continues to be run by Naeem, Shabeer, and Saleem. Nearly twelve years on, the business is still a huge success and has become a much revered and popular butchery within the local community. Passionate about their trade, the Essop family pride themselves on their top quality produce and their outstanding customer service which sees customers from all over the New Zealand returning time and time again.
Continental Meats provide an extensive array of small goods, all of which are made on site from natural ingredients. Their selection of high-grade meats are carefully selected and sourced locally and customers can be assured that no “extras” are used in the production of their meat products. Original and unique flavours imported from South Africa, are added to their spices, marinades, and sauces for an authentic culinary experience. )
Continetal Meats continues to strive to give all our customer the highest quality products from our meats, smallsgood and unique flavours and with a strong focus on excellent customer service.

Unit G, 57 Cavendish Drive,
Manukau, Auckland 2104
(09) 263 8080

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