Product Detail


All our marinades are uniquely our own, there are plenty of copies of these names and marinades on the market however only here will you find the original top of the range flavours here.

Some are made from scratch in house while others are imported to produce a unique range of flavours from around the world.

  • BBQ Garlic     (Mild)
  • Garden Mint  (Mild)
  • Wild West       (Med)
  • Smokey            (Med)
  • Tandoori          (Med)
  • Teriyaki            (Med)
  • BBQ Supreme (Spicy)
  • Peri Peri           (Spicy)
  • BBQ Mix          (Spicy)
  • Chinese Honey (Sweet)
  • Plum                   (Sweet)
  • Marakesh           (Mild)
  • Pineapple          (Sweet)